I am Costin

and I make websites work. I've been doing this for the last 15 years and I love it.

I focus on WordPress and Laravel development. My favorite product is ValPress, a CMS for Laravel that aims to offer simplicity & easiness in building websites when using the Laravel framework.


About me

I am a PHP developer located in Bucharest, Romania and I have over 15 years of experience with web technologies.

I love working on challenging projects because they keep me on my toes and they've always gave me that satisfaction we all strive for when the project is up and running on a live server.

I strive to get better and learn new things every day. My focus is on WordPress and Laravel, creating themes, plugins or custom modules.

I work with, among others:

jQueryReact JSvanilla JavaScriptPHPMySQLHTMLCSSAWS LambdaAmazon EC2DynamoDBAmazon API GatewayAmazon S3SASSBootstrapGulpGitWordPressLaravel

If you would like to help me out and support my work you can do it through my Patreon page or sponsor me via Github.



This project aims to provide the simplicity & easiness of WordPress in building websites to the Laravel framework. It provides support for Custom Post Types, reading settings, Under maintenance mode, Posts, Pages, Categories, Tags, Themes, Plugins, actions, filters out of the box, pretty much like WordPress does.

It also provides Themes and Plugins management, and updates through the api.valpress.net. Core updates are also available through the api. A default theme with dummy content is also provided out of the box to give you a fresh start.

This project is still under heavy development because I plan on constantly improving it and eventually become better than any CMS out there.


Kallyas WordPress Theme

Backend programming, theme development, work on the original page builder.


Kallyas Customers Dashboard

I've built this from scratch and integrated Zendesk API.


External Images Gallery

Personal product. This plugin provides an easy way for websites owners to include externally stored images into their pages/posts.


Content Edit Manager

Personal product. This plugin provides an easy way for websites owners to manage who edits their pages/posts.


Hannah - A modern WordPress Blog Theme

Backend/frontend programming.


IconPress WordPress plugin

I am the co-author of this WordPress plugin. I've been developed this plugin in partnership with a good friend. My part included: Backend programming, integration with Amazon API Gateway, Amazon S3, Amazon Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon EC2 & Envato API.



IconPress Customers Dashboard

My work included all the backend programming for the platform, creating a WordPress theme, custom WordPress utility plugins, and integration with Envato API, Amazon EC2, Amazon S3.


IconPress SVG Editor

This is an ongoing project and it will provide the customers of the IconPress plugin with the functionality of editing the IconPress svg icons and save them in the cloud (+ sync cloud with their website).


Cultural 5

Work: Custom WordPress theme.


Be the host

Work: Custom WordPress theme.


Better Together

Work: Custom Laravel application.


Press Online

Work: Custom WordPress plugin.



  • SomaSocial, Bucharest, Romania

    I currently work here on various projects from WordPress websites (custom themes & plugins) to custom PHP code and Laravel applications.

  • Self-employed, Bucharest, Romania

    Since leaving StepToWeb, I have been focusing on improving myself and working on various custom projects.

  • StepToWeb, Bucharest, Romania

    During my time here I have been working on the company’s main project, the Kallyas WordPress theme, I have created the Customers Dashboard from scratch and implemented the support integration with Zendesk platform using their API.

  • Acunetix, Cluj Napoca, Romania

    During my time here I have been working on developing WordPress plugins, and a custom backup solution for clients using Amazon Services.

  • Self-employed, Romania

    Freelancing years. During this time I’ve collaborated with various companies and individuals and worked on a great number of projects which included various web technologies such as: Python, Symfony, CakePHP, PrestaShop, SQLite, ExtJS and CMS such as: Joomla, phpBB